How Music Sets the Mood in Elderly Care Homes

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” This is a very meaningful quote from Plato relating to music. Music has played many roles in an individual’s life. It is what makes every celebration, lively, a concert to be called a concert as well as get people to dance in disco clubs. Without music, it may be impossible for the human mind to achieve relaxation or divert their attention to creative endeavors.

Music has also been a part of the many therapeutic milieu both for children and adults. It is also used in helping people remember the important things of the past as well as children start socializing. It has become a part of the therapy for mentally ill patients as well as helping the elderly remember many things. Music is in fact, instrumental in setting the mood in elderly care homes.

Music helps to alleviate the pain for the elderly folks. If you are a caregiver for an oakham care at home program, how do you make the individual forget about the pain of surgery or divert his or her attention from an impending surgery? There are many ways to divert one’s attention, but one of the best ways would be to use music. Music can help the elderly forget what he is currently feeling, whether pain or sorrow with music. Play something that he can relate to, like music from his genre and he would certainly sing along or remember something. Note how it he would tell stories relating to this music. Whenever you need the elderly to forget about pain or anything that may worry him play his favorite music and listen to him as he tells the story behind it.

Music helps the elderly to remember things and people from the past. Music punctuates important events in human lives. This is a fact that you can rightfully observe when the elderly cannot remember people from his life. By playing music that relates to that certain event, the elderly will be helped to remember that person or event. It triggers a memory relating to the music that he hears and will help him put the name in that memory.

Music helps the elderly to relax. When the elderly feels agitated or anxious about his coming doctor’s appointment or appointment with the therapist, help him to relax with the right music. Use soothing music like piano instrumentals to help him relax. You can also read to him while the music is playing in the background to lull him to sleep.

Music also helps the elderly to socialize. Bluebird Care oakham facilities can help to initiate socialization with the elderly using music. A small presentation where elderly people are involved can help them to participate or talk to other facility residents. Organizing tea parties and small events will also help the elderly meet other residents and will pave the way for shared activities especially in the afternoon.

Music is an integral part of human life. It is an element that is both useful not only for children, but for the elderly as well in helping them remember certain events and people as well as initiate socialization, which is an important aspect of elderly therapies.

Music Video: The Best Combination of Video, Music and Photography

You can appreciate technology better today. With the digital advancement, one easily turn simple photographs and music into work of arts. Music videos were mostly used for bands and songs that artists wish to promote. However, as time goes by, many people are learning it from the web and have created their own from old videos, photos while using their favorite song as the background music.

When people hear the “music video,” they will almost always expect a video that pertains to a song being interpreted in the video. It can also be a compilation of the works of a wedding photographer oxfordshire or a recent project completed by scott wood wedding photographer oxford.

Video and photography is closely related in such a way that if you were not able to get a good shot of a specific scenario, you can get it from getting a still shot from the video. There are a couple more great reasons for using a music video. These are:

A great addition to the home page of your website. You can bring some pizzazz to your website with a video that talks about your products and services. You can bring into the video some samples of your work and couple it with the company’s advertising and marketing jingle, something that the company is known for. One sample of this is the Marlboro cigarette advertisements. They are quite short but it leaves the necessary points to the people watching it. The music sticks to the memory as well.

Highlights the most saleable products and services that you have. The music video is especially beneficial for people in the advertising and marketing world. It’s also a great endeavor for the music industry. As you can see from the web, the music industry is populated by a lot of music videos. One of the factors that increase a song or dance’s popularity is through a music video.

Exercise programs are expanded worldwide with music video. People who cannot come to the gym or cannot afford to enroll in an exercise program can still avail it through purchasing videos that have been created for release to the public.

Videos make it easier to present a marketing program or product to a group of clients. Most of the time your clients may not have enough time to arrange a meeting or conference with you. Multiple appointments in a day, sometimes do not permit it so. Creating a video and integrating it with great photos and music increases the marketing advantage of your products and services.

One factor that many people like watching videos is that it provides entertainment. Though your video may only last for five minutes or so, you can test it with a couple of people before releasing it to your intended audience. This way, you can test the likely response of your customers as well as amend the video after hearing the feedback from your sample audience.

Music Genre and your Personality

Did you know, by knowing what type of music you listen to, your personality will be likely revealed? A study was conducted by Professor Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK that focused on the relationship of the type of music and personality.

The Blues. This type of music features simple three-chord progressions. As such, it offers enhancement and improvement in lyrics and music. Professor North has collated the results that most people who are interested in the Blues are creative, outgoing and gentle persons. They have high self-esteem and can readily be at ease with people.

Pop Music. Pop is supposedly short for popular. However, the popular songs have become a combination of different genre. Pop music was said to be first used in early 1920’s. The study revealed that people who like pop music a lot are personalities with high self-esteem, outgoing and gentle. They are also usually hard working. On the other hand, they find it difficult to be at ease with people they meet for the first time and their creative nature is not well-developed.

Rock and Heavy Metal. Rock and roll music had been popular for a time. Many people have learned to love this type of music because of its rhythm and the combination sounds of different instruments. While some people may find the Rock and Roll music to be nice, some may find it difficult to appreciate Heavy Metal. These two types of music are interrelated. Rock and Roll evolved into a different genre of heavy metal when the instruments were played much louder and longer than lyrics were not emphasized or clear.

Rock and Roll were further classified into different sub-categories as time goes by. You can find classic rock, psychedelic and other location-based rock at different music stores. This form of classifying rock into further categories were perhaps an effort to delineate the difference between different types of the music. People who are into rock and roll music were identified to have low self-esteem but are creative individuals. Though they are not outgoing and hard working, they are gentle and can easily be at ease with people.

Reggae Music. Traditionally, reggae music is of African and Carribean origin. There had been many suppositions of the origin of the term “reggae.” In the Jamaican-English language, “rege-rege” means quarrel, which cannot be attributed to how relaxing and cool reggae music is. On the other hand, the term “Regga” is a Bantu-speaking tribe in the African Great Lake, Lake Tanganyika.

Classical Music. Classical music is further categorized from the era they originated. Classical can be Renaissance Classical, Baroque, Medieval, Modern or Romantic. The popular Gregorian Chant belonged to the Medieval Classical music while Bach, Handel, Pachelbel and Vivaldi’s work belong to the Baroque Classical type. People who like this type of music were said to be introvert or people who are energized by doing things on their own. Shyness is not part of their personality because most of them have high self-esteem and are creative.